Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Menstrual pain relief

If you like me, suffered from menstrual cramps every month during that time, I hoped some of these tried and tested method will work to give you some relief. (No, this is not another ChocoMarvel advertorial) I, myself suffered from the worst cramps during my period and its not complete without a marathon vomiting session, usually in the first two days. It's really that bad.

Since I'm around 15, I started to have very bad menstrual cramps, it really hurts, pairing with a tank full of gas in my stomach and the hurling, I would come back from school or work feeling all weak and breaking out in cold sweat. If I'm lucky, the first and second day falls on a weekend, so I could have a good rest in bed, but if my relatives chose to visit me during a weekday, life can really be a nasty bitch.

Let's start with some natural remedies, I would sip hot water, tea or soup. Try adding a few slices of raw ginger in a mug of hot water, you can add honey if you find it too hard to swallow, I prefer drinking it as it is as I'm not so fond of sweet stuff, my Dad or sis would make this for me sometimes. Hot Milo with some sugar works as well, but of course its best if there are good, hot, homemade chicken soup of my mom.It helps me sleep better.If you're in the office or school, for instance, and there are no such luxuries available, sipping hot water is one of the better ways. You can purchase instant ginger tea or ginger milk from supermarkets which is to be added with hot water.

If you have the good fortune to lie in bed, try lying on your back, knees raised and hug a pillow on top of you. Its rather comforting to me. Sometimes I would bring my Mr. Fat Cat and place him on top of my stomach, some pressure there can help lessen the cramps. Whom I love most is my other cat Mimi, she would always, always massage (pummel) my belly with her paws whenever I placed her on top of my belly, kitty massage FTW. You could also try to apply a heating pad to your pelvic area, if you have one of those, if not, a hot water bottle works, too. A nap, nothing that a nap can't solve. Besides, when you're asleep, you won't feel the pain as much.

If none of those works, the last step is to take painkillers, you could buy the hot pink Panadol over the counter, it specifically targets menstrual cramps. I used to take this, but even that is not strong enough for me, I had my doctor prescribe Pontalon (Mefenamic Acid) which works better. I know I shouldn't rely too much on medications, but I had no choice. Taking Pontalon helps me lessen my cramps, without it, I couldn't last 1 whole day at work. I felt really bad for taking a day off every month just because of my period cramps, my boss might think I'm a slacker. If you feel the need to take similar painkillers, please do consult with your doctor first, to see which ones are right for you.

Oh yes, another thing that works is wearing tight body shaping pants that goes all the way up over your tummy, the pants compress and puts pressure on your belly which makes you feel a little better. And the good thing about it, the pants keeps your padding in place so you won't leak all over the place.

If only there is an employment law which gives women a day off each month to rest from their period pain, that would be much appreciated. Even if some women never gets period cramp, waking up in the middle of the night to change or having a bad night rest because we're worried about leaking all over the bed could be pretty tiring for some.

I don't claim to be an expert, these are some things that I tried which works for me, I hope it will work for you as well. If you want to try any medications, please don't take matters in your own hands, always see a doctor so that he can prescribe the best ones for you.

*Sometimes I really don't get my cats, just now one of them keeps rubbing himself all over me, meowing in a dominant way and nipping my legs but  I have absolutely zero idea what he wants. He didn't want to go outside, he just wanted to follow me around. Maybe he's trying to claim me as his territory. Yes, yes, Jimmy, I may be ovulating, but I'm not the girl for you. As much as I liked the attention, I had to toss him out of my room as he keeps walking across my laptop, disrupting whatever it is I'm doing.

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