Saturday, 10 September 2011

Breakfast at Hui Chow

This is one of the places I've been going since a child. Last time we go there mainly for the Zha Nyuk Hor Fun, today, they had added many more items to their menu.

Chinese Teh Ping, as usual

Zha Nyuk Hor Fun

Gai Kyok (chicken feet)
 I don't eat chicken feet, but the mushrooms in it are really flavorful.
Har Fu (Prawn Paste) with Hor Fun
 Loved the prawn paste. They serve it individually without the noodles too.
Oh, so good.

Fish slices porridge.
 Such a big bowl, I couldn't finish it myself.
I love Yao Zha Guai (fried dough)

Ngiu Chap (beef mix: beef, cow stomach etc etc)
 This Ngiu Chap is not the kind we're used to, but its still passable. I will blog about another place where we usually eat Ngiu Chap at.
The restaurant is next to the Bridal Shop

Easy to see if they're opened or survey the availability of seats from the road

A childhood favorite that continues till this day. 

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