Sunday, 11 September 2011

Smocking project

Just finished a smocking project recently, it was my first time doing this and was looking forward to see the final results as a dress. Can't wait.
Smocking the bodice

Just a simple pattern in a single color, good enough for a beginner?

Really nice cotton fabric, got it from Kamdar at 50% off
In case you're wondering, the orange threads holds the pleats in place and also serve as a guide to do the smocking and embroidery, they will be removed afterwards. Making something I could wear is really exciting to me, I'm now starting a new project with a different pattern. I don't think I will get bored any time soon, there are so many different patterns to choose from, I almost couldn't make up my mind. I should practice more, who knows I might start taking commission to make smocked dresses, like children's dresses in the near future?

If you're interested to try your hand at smocking, too. As a beginner, you might want to pick a plain fabric as it is easier to see if you made any mistakes. It's okay to choose fabric like the one I used above, but you might get a little eye strain, but I still enjoyed the process thoroughly, though. At first its a little difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it will became more easier and faster. I finished smocking the bodice in less than a weeks time, now all was left is sewing the back and front together and also fitting in the straps. Hope I can finish it soon, I'm really looking forward to wear it at last.

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