Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mint, Karamunsing Capital

Vietnamese cuisine at Mint, its our first time going there last Saturday. I've tried Vietnamese food at Peppermint, Gaya Street before, I wonder if this Mint has anything to do with Peppermint? We were quiet disappointed at first since many of the food we wanted to order were not available that day, it really put a damper on our mood that time, in the end we've settled with what they have, Chicken rice, Beef Stew Rice, Beef hor fun soup and spring rolls. So far what we have tried are pretty good, but I do hoped the service will be better the next time we come again, its really no good for a business if this one not available, that one not available.

Very interesting Chicken rice, the chicken is rather flavorful, but next time I'll order Chicken breast so I might enjoy it more. The Beef hor fun soup taste really good mixed with the juices of 2 limes, the thinly sliced beef  were lovely. Haven't tried the beef stew rice myself, but it seems good enough, lastly the spring rolls are rather nice as well, filled with rice noodles, carrots and black fungi if I remember correctly. Hoped to try out the chilled noodles, they sounded rather delightful.

Beef hor fun soup

Beef soup

Beef stew


Soup that comes with the Chicken rice

Spring rolls

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