Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dinner at Supertanker Restaurant

We usually dined at Supertanker only during celebrations or reunion dinner with our relatives. We've never dined there with only our own family of five before. We had a sudden intense craving for Chinese cuisine and so off to Supertanker we went, unfortunately there is a wedding event held at the established restaurant that night, therefore we had a change of plans.

Returning a few weeks later, its in the midst of the hungry ghost festival last month, we had thought, surely there are nobody celebrating any wedding ceremony or full moon celebration during such a non-auspicious month? (Fortunately no, although, someone was celebrating his birthday at the table next to ours)

We managed to grab a table once we arrived, the service was surprisingly fast that night, all the dishes were served in a flash, we were pleased. Here are the dishes we had that night, there is another cod fish dish done in 2 styles- steamed and fried, but we wolfed it down once it was set down on the table. Only after we're done with it, then I looked at the camera still on my lap and remember that I'm supposed to take a picture about that. Oh well, no picture for the fish, the steamed part is very smooth and succulent while the fried part is flavorful, perfectly crispy on the outside and succulent in the inside.

Every dish taste really good as usual, the fried eggs and abalone slices were my favorite from the cold platter, my dad ate most of the jelly fish since the rest of us were not so fond of spicy things. The ham, cheese and pineapple spring rolls is an interesting combination, everyone should try it. The rest of the dish are up to our standards and expectations. This is no wonder Supertanker continues to become a crowd-favorite place for Chinese cuisine.
Cold Platter

Fried eggs, my favorite

Spring rolls and Jelly fish (at least I thought its jelly fish)

Abalone slices (which I suspect is clam slices from a packet you can see in my previous post Japanese Night)

Favorite spring roll with Ham, cheese and pineapples inside. <3

Bean curd, mushroom and brocolli

Fish maw with crab meat soup

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